Meet Ms Lach Dany

My name is Lach Dany. I’m 22 years old and I’m an English teacher at Feeding Dreams Cambodia. I was born at OunLung Hap village, in Pursat province in Western Cambodia. My parents are farmers and have a very hard existence working the land where I grew up. I also have two brothers and a sister, and there was at most times, very little food to eat. My brothers were forced to drop out of high school and work to help support our family and my little sister who still studies at primary school. I was able to attend the local school until I completed my high school studies, and worked on the farm and helped my family whenever I could.

In 2015, after I graduated from high school, I moved to Siem Reap and found employment in a guesthouse. Shortly after, in 2016, I discovered Feeding Dreams school and became a student, studying English and Computer as it was free. I’m very grateful to FDC for all the support it gave me to build my knowledge and grow my employment skills, as well as being able to continue to support my family. I need to continue to help my family which still struggles to have enough to money to live on.

While I was a student at FDC I applied to be a teacher there, but I failed the interview. I didn’t give up and I told myself that I will work hard and one day I will apply again and become a teacher there.

In 2017 I was forced to drop out from my studies at FDC because I need to earn more money to save for my first semester fee for University. I got a job working as an assistant teacher at a School for two years, and worked very hard, but I wanted to go back to Feeding Dreams. It was during that time I saw an announcement from FDC that they were looking for an English teacher.

In February 2019 I reapplied to be an English teacher at FDC and was successful! I have so much appreciation for FDC for giving me a great opportunity to become a teacher here. I’m so proud that I’m now able to share my knowledge and help students benefit from the education offered by the school and I believe in the saying – “Feed kids with education, education is the foundation of development”.